At Athennian, we love sharing great news. So we’re excited to announce that we’ve been admitted into the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP).

While this might not sound that fancy, we’re a part of a select group that includes great companies such as Box, Citrix, and Dropbox, who are allowed direct integration into the Office 365 platform. 

Real-time collaboration on phones and tablets supported

What Does This Mean for Athennian Users?

With Athennian in the CSPP, you will now be able to create, edit, share and collaborate in real-time with other users on Microsoft Office documents right inside Athennian’s entity management and contract workflow web apps.

We’re working hard to bring you fully-integrated, powerful legal workflow tools like eSign, document assembly, approvals and data management, so you can make your legal work more scalable. This added ability to edit and collaborate documents in the cloud, without having to download a desktop app, will help you increase productivity and reduce risk.

This partnership with Microsoft takes us one step closer to helping you take the control back on your entity and contracts management.

Our easy-to-use platform includes powerful tools like eSign to help you manage and collaborate better

When can you start working with Office inside Athennian?

While we’ve been working with Microsoft since February 2018 to make this happen, Athennian users can start working with Microsoft Office today.
This isn’t restricted to the Athennian web app either, we’ve set it up so you can use Microsoft office on mobile iOS and Android platforms too. That means whether you’re working from your laptop, iPad or mobile device, you’ll have a smooth, collaborative experience.
What can Athennian do for you?

At Athennian, we’re striving to make a plug and play experience for legal teams to easily scale collaborative workflows across their organization. If you’re looking for an integrative solution to manage entities and improve your contract workflow, then reach out today and let us tell you how we can help.

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